Hi, I am Ophelia, and I am here to bring your wildest dream on your monitor and show you that I am the lady for you who knows how to show it to you. Guys can be demanding and they want the best, this is why they hang out in my room cause whatever their heart desires, I am one step ahead and giving it to the person who deserved my respect and affection. Most of the time when I am online I focus on my fans, and on new people who have never seen me before. It is my pleasure and honor to welcome them and find out a little more about what and why they are here. In general, I get requests in free chat and people want to see if I can do this for them in a private session, when I can, I answer all very fast and with love, but sometimes you have to wait a few moments, and sometimes I overlooked a message. When this happens, do not feel offended, this is not personal, it just sometimes happens that I am not seeing all the lines that are sent to me.  When you have a fan account, free, then you can stay as long as you wish in free chat and do not have to refresh the screen all the time. When you want to be with me, play it cool, work your way up with words to step into my heart, and when this happens, you will feel things that are new, do not be scared, this is how it should be!

2021 is well on its way, we are about to see better times. Let's meet now and make this day perfect!