I’m a really fun and bubbly personality, but if you strike the wrong nerve I can go the opposite direction. Just call me your little firecracker. I love dressing up in different outfits, as you’ll be able to tell when you watch my stream. I’m a GRITS MILF, haha you read that right a girl raised in the south, who is a mother you’d like to f**ck. I love portraying different fantasies when I’m camming but I only ask you to respect that it is just a fantasy. I love reading books and watching T.V. sitcoms. My favorite type of day is rainy and relaxed if you get what I’m saying lol. I’m a bit of a switch, sub, and dom. I’m always open to questions so don’t hate to hesitate to ask anything. So I also wanted to let you guys in on my dreams and why I’m on the site. My biggest goal is to be a business owner, not one, not two, but multiple. I want to be a landlord for in-need families with affordable rent, I also want to open a daycare in my area since there isn’t one, last but not least want to open a soup kitchen in honor of my mother. I feel like making money in the way I love and with having such flexibility we can achieve this. Thank you for all your support and love!

Your day will be unique, let me help you remind it forever!

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