Welcome to my bedroom. I just cleaned it, so make sure you leave your shoes at the door. I am Jenny, and you have found a moment of release, I will be the one who takes your juicy penis in her mouth, warms it up nicely, and puts some shape in it. I will not stop before I can hammer a nail in the wall with your dick. I will edge you a more pulsating state where your dick needs the pussy. Wrapping it in between my lips, having my legs around your hips, and giving you a hint that harder is better. While you are on top of me and inside of me, I will still use all my fingers to explore your body and make you feel like a lollypop. I will lick you all over. Sex is something we will enjoy doing together, and you are welcome to get as much as you need.

Let’s have a nice time together in my room. We can play a naughty game!

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