I am Helena and I am happy to see you here. I have 19 years and I am in love with the attention and all the kind fans that have given me a chance and visited me. I am known as a shy girl, but this is cause we all start as perfect strangers, and by beating the ods we manipulate the future and turn it into our own favor.  I am sensitive to those who are polite and kind to me. Honesty is something I really appreciate in the people who communicate with me. I dislike liars, people who think the world only runs around them, and the guys showing off with cars. Do you think materials are impressing me? Look around you, all douche bags and shitty low-quality people on this planet, so, do not try to be one of them, try to be yourself!

Yes, when you click here you will find me in my free chat room online. I will be here.
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