There was this one nice guy who said ones “Live is like a box of chocolates…” and then I stopped listening cause I love chocolate and when someone talks about it I rush to the kitchen to pleasure my mouth from the inside with Milka. Melting it in your mouth and playing with my tongue and enjoying the sweet sensation, it is like I have your penis in my mouth and I already know what will happen next after I made you hard. Chocolate is useless when I suckle on it, but you, you are going to be happy when I do this.  Are you going to be inside of my room, or inside of my pussy, or even better, inside of my ass…. Yummie! I am Carla, 18 years, and you may have already noticed, I first have sex and then I introduce myself!

Today is a beautiful day, care to make it an amazing day for the both of us?