About Our Website

  • Who are we

My Kinky Cams is a model directory blog website where we list only the kinky and daring live cam shows performed by their cam room models. You will have no problem finding a match for your roleplay session or being slapped around by one of our Cam Goddesses that has her fingers itching and is ready to give you a whoop-ass you deserved. Whatever kink you are looking for, we have certainly a few online models that are matching your desires. From young to old, from obedient to humiliating, we love the kinks when they become stranger and stranger, it makes us more original than anyone else and gives us the satisfying feeling that you will have a perfect session with one of our Kinky Sex Cam Models.

  • How does it work?

When you find a model that you really like to see perform for the kinkiest fantasies you have you can click on her picture. You will then be brought to her page where you can read her full profile and her tags, we call them Willingness Items, but tags for common use. If you still feel she is the model for you, then just click on her link. This will bring you directly to her room. This is where all the magic happens. You and she are 1 click away from a dazzling live cam session for your eyes only.

  • What to do now?

So, thanks to our site you have found a kinky model, you like how she looks and the willingness tags look like she is kinky and into your fantasies also. Now it is up to you to gather all your courage and speak to her in the free chat room. You can introduce yourselves, or start with a compliment. But she is not responding so much to you as she does with all the other users is your first observation, and this is correct. Why? You still have a Guest Username, and this means that you are not yet serious investing time on the website, and the girl/model can see this.

  • How to stand out.

This is the last and final step after you found the model, and you are in her room and you talk to her she is just not responsive enough, how we will fix this? Simple. There is a FREE SIGNUP link on the website above her Chat Room, you can click this, they will ask you on the screen that follows to input a username you like, a password and an email address. Ones you have filled out this info, you will receive an email, and in there is a link you should click and then you are confirmed as a user. Now, nothing stops you from having the live experience of a lifetime. Some general tips, always remain nice in a chat room. Never use bad words. Be generous with compliments and do not hesitate to send her a virtual gift. This is for the model reverted into a currency, and this means you actually make her happier 🙂 Be nice and the world opens up to you.